Associate Programmer Analyst Any City, Ct

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Connecting employers with military veterans!

Posted by: DXC Technology on May 17, 2018


Any City, CT

Job Description:

Essential Job Functions

Codes, tests, debugs, implements, and documents basic programs. Assists in the modification of company products and/or customer/internal systems to meet the needs of the client and/or end-user.
Assists in the research and analysis of existing systems and program requirements; assists in preparing documentation to change existing programs. Performs data analysis to support internal and external project needs.
Designs basic programs for projects or enhancements to existing programs.
Writes specifications for programs of low to moderate complexity.
Assists in resolving routine production support problems.
Assists in the completion of unit testing by preparing test data, running tests and evaluating results. Develops screen tests and debugging problems. Develops test plans to verify logic of new or modified programs.
Creates basic documentation in work assignments such as program code.
Conducts routine quality assurance activities such as peer reviews.
Remains abreast of and researches industry technical trends and new development to maintain current skills and remain current with industry standards.

Basic Qualifications:

Primary Skills : Knowledge of Windows, Linux and Unix/Solaris operating systems

At least 1 yr experience with Java, C, C++, Perl.

Knowledge of Fortran, C# is a plus.

Knowledge of Windows, Linux and Unix/Solaris operating systems

At least 1 yr experience with Java, C, C++, Perl.

Knowledge of Fortran, C# is a plus.

Knowledge of Object Oriented principles. Ability to apply these principles to the software development process.

Knowledge of Eclipse and Visual Studio development environments.

Knowledge of source code control concepts- GIT, SVN and CVS

Knowledge of web application development in either Tomcat or Websphere is a plus.

Basic knowledge of the HTTP protocol, javascript, and servlet architecture.

Basic knowledge of accessing information stored in relational databases, in particular Oracle and Documentum.

Ability to install commercial and open-source applications for use on a large multi-platform network.

Expertise in client hardware/software environment.

Ability to troubleshoot issues by assessing interaction of multiple components such as software, network, data access, user environment, OS, licensing.

License configuration and management.

Perl, Linux shell, DOS scripting, Windows registry updates.

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